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High Tenacity Polyester

poliester alta tenacidad

Regarding high tenacity polyester continuous filament yarn, we can twist any count and TPM, as per the client’s needs, in our TFO twisting machines.We always use super high tenacity and low shrinkage filament. We can deliver in dye tubes or in paper tubes.

We usually produce from dtex 110×3 to dtex 3.300×3, but we can also twist thinner counts, depending on the clients demand.


3,300/3 dtex
2,200/3 dtex
1,670/3 dtex
1,100/3 dtex
940/3 dtex
830/3 dtex
660/3 dtex
550/2 dtex
550/3 dtex
450/3 dtex
330/3 dtex
280/3 dtex
226/3 dtex
167/2 dtex
167/3 dtex
110/2 dtex
110/3 dtex
78/2 dtex
On demand. Other counts also available.