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Core-Yarn Poly-Poly

poly poly

Poly poly core yarn or core spun yarn consists of a high tenacity polyester continuous filament covered with polyester staple fibers. It has the same characteristics of smoothness and dyeability of spun polyester but with much higher grades of tenacity.

We are using high tenacity filament of best world producers and high tenacity polyester staple fibers. Always T.F.O. (Two For One) twist, to make it completely knot free. Reverse SZ twist, specifically twisted for sewing thread. It can also be used for embroidery, quilting, weaving and knitting.

It is presented in grey yarn color, heat set (steam set) and in dye tubes ready for dyeing. Counts range from thickest Ne 16/3 to thinnest Ne 56/2.


360/2 dtex=Nm 28/2=Ne 16/2
360/3 dtex=Nm 28/3=Ne 16/3
360/4 dtex=Nm 28/4=Ne 16/4
208/2 dtex=Nm 48/2=Ne 28/2
208/3 dtex=Nm 48/3=Ne 28/3
156/2 dtex=Nm64/2=Ne 38/2
124/2 dtex=Nm 77/2=Ne 45/2

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