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Speciality Yarns

Botexpand deals also with other yarns for special uses. Some examples of these yarns are explained here below.

  • Perlé cotton

    We can supply first quality Egyptian giza perlé cotton hanks for croché with the colours, measures and brands desired by our clients. Usual counts are Ne 5/2, Ne 8/2 and Ne 12/2.

  • Anti static yarn

    Spun polyester of Nylon filament yarn with anti-static corona discharge ionization. It can be used in brush and tapes in plastic molding, film manufacturing, etc…

  • Lyocell sewing thread

    New and revolutionary yarn for sewing thread. Made out of special cellulose fibers, it combines the strength of core yarn and the dyeing affinity and easiness of cotton. Ideal to be used for cotton garment dyeing procedures. Usual counts Ne 16/3, Ne 18/3, Ne 24/3, Ne 30/2, Ne 30/3, Ne 70/2.

  • PTT (long elasticity sewing thread)

    Polytrimethylene terephthalate yarn with extremely high elongation (up to 47%) specially designed for sportswear, swimwear and innerwear that request especially flexible seams. Regular count dtex 82×2.

Others…contact us for any specialty yarn that you might need. We will find it among our suppliers.