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Cotton yarn spun with finest Egyptian or Indian fibers (Giza 86, Giza 88, DCH among others). Our yarns are always combed. Mercerized and off white (half bleached) depending on the client’s needs.

Mercerizing hanks are always over 1kg and twist is always T.F.O. (Two For One), to make them completely knot free. Reverse SZ twist, specifically twisted for sewing thread.

It Can also be used for embroidery, quilting, weaving and knitting. Counts range from thick Ne 17/3 to thinnest Ne 80/2.

Ne 17/3=Nm 30/3 C.
Ne 17/3=Nm 30/3 C.M
Ne 24/3=Nm 40/3 C.
Ne 24/3=Nm 40/3 C.M.
Ne 30/2=Nm 50/2 C.
Ne 30/2=Nm 50/2 C.M.
Ne 30/3=Nm 50/3 C.
Ne 30/3=Nm 50/3 C.M.
Ne 40/2=Nm 61/2 C.
Ne 40/2=Nm 61/2 C.M.

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