Carrer Indústria, s/n - Cabrera de Mar
08349 Barcelona - Spain
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Botex is a thread importer that started its business as such in 1988 after a long experience of three generations of in-house spinning in Barcelona. We specialize in importing grey yarn for sewing thread; spun polyester, core-yarn poly-cotton, core-yarn poly-poly, polyester and polyamide h.t. filament, cotton and other related yarns. Our yarns can be used for sewing, embroidery, quilting, weaving, knitting, tricot…any many other industrial and home appliances.

We also offer dyeing and rewinding service to our clients.

Our clients are located all over Europe.

We keep a permanent stock of about 50 different references of grey yarn for sewing thread ready to send to our clients.

We can act as wholesalers, brokers or agents, at the client’s choice.

We deal with faithful suppliers that deliver us consistent quality. We quality check every new import that comes into our warehouse in order to guarantee the quality to our clients.


We keep permanent stock of more than 50 types of yarn, for immediate service to our clients all over Europe and abroad. Kindly contact us to request information of any of the following yarns that we keep in stock in our wharehouse in Barcelona. Other yarns not on this list, can also eventually be in stock.